Alterpages Mono

Alterpages Mono is the new Alterpages theme that replaces the previous system composed by a few different themes. It increases Alterpages flexibility and potential.

The change for a new theme has became necessary because the old themes have been developed in 2011, when the web was still mainly surfed from desktop PC with big monitors. Nowadays more than 50% of visitors use a tablet PC or even a smartphone. Updating the old themes without was not a choice so we decided to develop a brand new theme that was called Alterpages Mono.

Alterpages Mono is mobile

The main problem we had to face was to create a theme that feel confortable for who surfs the web with tablet PC and smartphone and so, as many other websites, Alterpages Mono uses the responsive web design approach. With this a web site will change his appereance according to the screen size and displays page blocks in a different way.

A consequence of this approach is a graphical semplification. So a website will have a very clean appereance because on small screens unuseful elements are removed. Some settings of the old themes, as some background image settings, have been removed to have a website that looks similar on mobile and on desktop.

A fresh and customizable theme

With Alterpages Mono we tried to remove limit to webmaster creativity. We give a great importance to customization and we had developed solutions that allows a webmaster to creare an appealing website with just a few clicks even if your not a programmer.

The theme allows you to customize the color of every page element as texts and background. It is also possible to set images as page and header background uploading yours or picking them from our free image gallery.

You can also choose from the typographic sets to customize text and titles and to give your site personal touch.

Obviously you can customize your sitebar content and position: left, right or switch if off. At the same way you can place the navigation area over or under the site header.

To make webmaster's life even easier our graphic staff has defined some preset color combinations. You can use them as they are or use is to start a new costom color theme.

Search engine and social network

There are two main ways to reach a website: a search on Google (or Yahoo or Bing) and a content viewed on a social network. Alterpages tries to help you to be reachable on both.

Alterpages Mono uses semantic HTML5 tags as part of the search engine optimization strategy to highlight the page content and obtain better indicization. Alterpages pages are also very fast and developed for mobile, two more indicization plus points. Obviously content is still the king and we put it in a nice package for search engines.

Facebook is still the most important search engine and Alterpages Mono provides all the necessary meta informations to allow an optimal content sharing.

Back to old theme is not possibile

Every evolution brings changes and Alterpages is not an exception. We tried to keep things as similiar as possibile to the old ones, but some features had to be dropped because they caused some throuble.

First the good news: every content on old Alterpages sites will be maintained when converting to Alterpages Mono.

The colors and backgrounds settings will be reflected as good as possible. The main colors will be still there, but some particolar settings on some of the old theme don't exists in Alterapages Mono, as border colors.
It is also not more possibile to set a background for the page content area. Backgrounds are allowed only for page and header.

The old two column layout does not exists any more. Contents of the second column will be appended under the main one.

If you need some help

As always you can contact us using the Alterpages board on the support forum. There our staff will answer your questions and help you to solve any kind of problem.