Page sections

Every Alterpages page is composed by 4 sections you can freely use, but everyone has a particular purpose.

Common sections

The header section, the sidebar section and the footer section are shared by all site pages. This means that any modification of this sections is reflected on all site pages.

The idea behind this sections is to place widgets that must be visible in the whole site as the Page title widget, some advertising banner and links to the main site pages.

An extra common section is the navigation area. This can only contain the Navigation and the Advanced Navigation widgets and can be placed above or under the header section.

The content section

The heart of any page is the content area. This section contains the widgets and contents we want to show to the user. The content area can host the most powerful Alterpages widgets as the Image Slideshow, the News Slideshow and many others.

Desktop and mobile pages

Alterpages uses the responsive design approach to organize the page sections in relation to available space.

When a visitor uses a desktop computer with a big screen the Alterpages site displays as a "classic" website with a sidebar left or right of the content area and a navigation area on page top. This way it will use all the available space filling the user's screen.

Instead a visitor using a device with a small screen, as a smartphone or a tablet PC, Alterpages will move the sidebar under the content area. Widgets in sidebar will be less visible, but the content area, the most important one, will be still in highlight.

Futhermore the navigation area will be replaced by a menu icon in the top left corner. In this menu you will find the first Navigation or Advanced Navigation from the navigation area.